Nails (gel polish, dip, press-ons & design)

Making sure your hands enhance and reflect your personality and look.

1 - 2.5 hrs

$20 - $55 per session (varies on service)

@ your home (provide address when booking) or my home (3320 Oxsheer Dr)

Service Description

  • The time of the service depends fully on what specific look you'll be wanting.
  • I LOVE design and I'm really good at recreating nail looks very closely to the original inspo, so if you're looking for a fun complicated look, I've got you :)
  • $20 services: any plain gel polish look + option for design with no extra cost. Lasts about 1-2 weeks.
  • $35 services: any look utilizing dip powder (longer lasting than normal polish) + option for design with no extra cost. Lasts about 2-4 weeks.
  • $45 services: any shape press-ons customized to fit perfectly and with any look including designs + application. Lasts about 3-4 weeks.
  • $55 services: any dip powder look with tips/extensions, any shape, any look, any design for no extra cost. Lasts about 4-5 weeks. 


  1. 1. I CAN provide everything needed, except for charms and 3D gel, only 2D designs please.
  1. 2. I take cash, checks, or zelle for payment, NO venmo, apologies.
  1. 3. Let me know what look you'll be wanting beforehand or inspo pics so I can be well prepared.

Contact Details

+52 81 3551 7415