Makeup Look (mostly your products)

Ensuring you feel confident on the daily and in any event.

30 mins - 1 hr

$15 - $25 per session

@ your home (provide address when booking)

Service Description

  • The time of the service depends fully on what specific look/service you'll be wanting.
  • I love when makeup enhances people's facial structures so you won't leave feeling like you're wearing a mask but rather some pizzazz :)
  • $15 services: any natural or soft glam look.
  • $20 services: any full glam, colorful, or douyin look.
  • $25 services: me teaching you how to recreate a specific look with your own makeup, so you can do it on yourself whenever you'd like.
  • extra $3 charge: me providing lashes and lash glue if you'd like a little extra in your look but don't own the items. (let me know what style of lashes you'd like beforehand)


  1. 1. I DO NOT provide makeup since I am not a professional and do not have shades for everything or everyone.
  1. 2. I take cash, checks, or zelle for payment, NO venmo, apologies.
  1. 3. Let me know what look you'll be wanting beforehand or inspo pics so I can be well prepared.
  1. 4. All pictures below are styles I can 100% recreate but aren't my own pictures.

Contact Details

+52 81 3551 7415