Dogsitting (your house)

Taking care of your dog at the comfort of their own home.

1 hr 30 min

$30 a day

@ your home (provide address when booking)

Service Description

  • I visit your dog 3x a day for 30 minutes each visit. 
  • I feed your dog, refill their water bowl, take them on walks, and play with them so they have some company while you're away :)
  • Hours are flexible according to what they're used to, but normally it's morning, afternoon, and evening. 
  • I can take any packages that arrive inside as well as trashcans.


  1. 1. If there's any other pets in the house, I can take care of them as well but it would be an extra charge of $5 more a day. If there's more than one dog, it's also $5 more per day. 
  1. 2. I take cash, checks, or zelle for payment, NO venmo, apologies.
  1. 3. Food/toys/treats won't be provided.
  1. 4. Dogs should preferably be fully vaccinated.
  1. 5. Dogs should have medical info/services available in case of emergency.

Contact Details

+52 81 3551 7415